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Consent on collecting and using personal information

1.collecting personal information items

몺 Your personal information is collected through legal and fair means to provide various Internet services such as customer inquiries and customer complaints. .

  • - Collecting information item: name, contact number, email address

몼 We do not collect sensitive personal information that is feared to violate your basic human rights.

2. Purpose of collecting and using personal information

몺 Except in cases where the user has consent or is subject to the provisions of the Act, you do not use the user's personal information beyond the scope. The purpose of personal information utilization collected is as follows:

  • Used for estimate calculation, data delivery and consultation, etc.
  • Calculation of charges, content, purchase and payment, delivery of goods or billing as a result of service delivery and service delivery
  • Delivering advertising information such as events, providing services according to demographic characteristics, posting advertisements, checking access frequency, or statistics on members' use of services

3. Duration of personal information retention and utilization

Personal information provided by the users will be retained and used by your company while receiving the services provided by your company.

Your company will destroy the personal information collected without delay if the member achieves the purpose of the collection or closes the business.

  • In case a business is closed
  • Other retention information: When the purpose of collecting and using information is achieved

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