Power generation plants, cooling towers, LNG Terminal Plant, seawater desalination, marine plants and oil & gas plants use large amounts of seawater as process water and coolant. However, the use of seawater without separate treatment causes problems such as shortening the life span of facilities, systems, and equipment related to the process and increasing the cost of operation and maintenance of the facilities due to the rapid growth of marine microorganisms such as algae, shellfish and Bio Film.
Uniwin's Electrochlorination system is a very efficient system for efficiently inhibiting and controlling the growth of marine life.
Electrochlorination system transmits seawater to the max. It produces 0.2% (2,000 ppm) sodium hypochlorite. These manufacturing processes are efficiently conducted in electrolytic reactors designed and manufactured by Uni-win's proprietary technology, and sodium hypochlorite produced inhibits marine life growth in seawater through a Continuous Dosing or Shock Dosing process.
Uniwin's Electrochlorination system is designed and manufactured under optimal Voltage and Amphare conditions so that it is designed and operated reliably and efficiently under any environment and conditions. In addition, the electrolytic reactors, rectification systems, electrical control panels and all other accessories are all affordable and provide customers with more efficient post-management functions by procuring, producing, assembling and delivering them directly from the Uniwin.