Uniwin has accumulated knowledge of electrical chemistry and excellent engineering technology experience through continuous efforts in electrochemical technology and
Based on this, the site-generated hypochloric acid generating device, which is suggested as an alternative to solving economic problems such as the safety and maintenance cost of chlorine disinfection facilities, is designed, manufactured, installed, and post-service in Korea.
Uniwin's differential saline generator produces 0.8% differential salts through the transfer of seawater or salt water.
Electrochemical-manufactured differential salts also have much better responsiveness compared to commercial differential salts, and are non-destructive facilities that are not classified as dangerous products, especially those that have excellent economic advantages over existing chlorine disinfection facilities and the differential salt supply facilities.
In particular, Uniwin셲 electrolytic system is designed and built under optimal Voltage and Amp hare conditions for stable, efficient design and operation under any environment and condition.
The most important features and advantages of a field-installed differential salt generator are that it produces sodium hypochlorite with only salt, water and electrical energy. This means that separate transport of disinfectant or large volume storage tanks for disinfection are not necessary and that safety of the disinfection system is ensured.

The main features of the system
  • Economically manufacture high quality NaOCl and use it directly on site
  • Compact System Minimizes Installation Area
  • Uniwin's unique technology model
  • Skid Mounted, Cabinet, Wall Mounted
  • Simple and easy drive
  • Safe and affordable driving, maintaining
  • Stable electrode with a life of more than 5 years
  • Efficient Cleaning System