Uniwinis the world's most efficient and optimized supplier of electrolytes based on its long-standing technical R&D and engineering capabilities.

Uniwin'stechnology development was organized through systematic collaboration by universities, research institutes, and companies, and through numerous experiments and tests, the performance of systems ranging from small to large capacity is directly verified and reflected in the design.

Uniwin'splant-industry engineering capabilities combine with proven system technology to secure basic and detailed design know-how.

Uniwin'ssystems and design know-how are engineered to complete the entire process of building, installing, and commissioning the system.

Uniwinprovides a service to customers with structured project management capabilities ranging from the design, fabrication, supply and installation of the system to commissioning and on-site training. He has the ability to carry out Turn-Key Project by Engineering, Document, and Construction (E.P.C).

Uniwinprovides optimized system design, installation, operation, and operation of the system through its process design experience in various plant industries such as power generation, oil & gas, LNG, seawater desalination, marine plant and shipbuilding industry.

Uniwinprovides facility renovation and renovation services through Idea and Consulting for diagnosing existing electrolyte facilities, identifying problems, and stabilizing performance.

Uniwinmanufactures and supplies customized systems regardless of capacity, depending on the conditions, location, or usage of seawater or water, from small to large capacity as required by the customer.

Uniwinprovides optimal engineering services for the selection of facility capacity according to the customer's environmental protection conditions and the injection concentration and injection method of sodium hypochlorite.

Uniwinprovides the customer with a design service and operational no-House of the Intake facilities of seawater, and thus a system and plumbing design service for the optimal injection of sodium hypochlorite.

Uniwinprovides customized design, manufacturing, and supply services for the electrolytic reactors, which are the main components of the electrolytic facility. The Uniwin provides Re-Coating Service for used electrodes and operation and maintenance services.

Uniwinoffers differentiated services, engineering and technology.