Uniwin was established in Korea based on 35 years of continuous technology research and development (R&D), and with differentiated technology and services, it is working with customers today to provide services to various industrial sectors such as seawater desalination, power generation, LNG Terminal, shipbuilding, marine plants, oil & gas plants and water treatment.

Based on the electrochemical technology accumulated through long periods of R&D and experience, Uniwin has participated in numerous projects around the world in recognition of its technical skills and quality through design, manufacture, and supply of sea water using electrode plate manufacturing and evaluation technology.

Uniwin's excellent basic and detailed design skills and system-making skills contribute to the value of its customers, which not only design, manufacture, installation and operation of the system, but also diagnosis and opening of existing operating facilities. It also provides services that optimize the performance of existing facilities through repair.

Uniwin will not neglect its continued investment in technology development and efforts to secure future technology in order to provide services to impress customers.

To this end, Uniwin will continue to strengthen the best talent and differentiated core capabilities and become a trusted company that offers the best value to its customers.

Once again, We promise to repay you with greater enthusiasm for your unsparing support.

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Best regards.